Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st Time Skiing!!

The great thing about living in the mountains and having a ski resort in your backyard? Carson started ski lessons yesterday! Woo-hoo! He was so nervous, but as soon as we got there, the instructors were very good to him and made him feel so comfortable. He got to start off on a toboggan ride down the mountain and Mama had to stay in the lodge. When I picked him up for lunch 2 hours later, this is what I saw:

I was one proud Mama! He kept telling me he wanted to go again and again! Guess that's a good sign, since I already payed through the month!!


Harris Family said...

That is so cute! I only hope Tyler likes it as much as Carson...we all know his caution level though. Oh well. Good job Carsoni!! love you buddy!

Taylor Family said...

That's awesome! He'll have to teach Addie his mad skills!